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Last day in Bangdong

Today was our last full day in Bangdong. Despite being sad about our approaching departure, we had a great day. It started off with our last Chinese class of this course, which led to an amazing lunch made by a local family and ended with a traditional Chinese music performance from the head of the village. Reflecting on our Bangdong experience, I think we all realized how privileged and lucky we are. One of the many things we loved during our stay was the beautiful landscape. Each morning we were able to wake up to such a peaceful and majestic mountain view. Little did we know, not all agree. As one of the activities we did in Bangdong, we met an American businessman named Matt, who shared a local man’s perspective. Matt said the local chuckled when he said how breathtaking the mountain view is and responded with, “the mountains are why we are poor.” It was such an interesting perspective to hear about because none of us had ever viewed the mountains around Bangdong as anything but beautiful to look at. In all our rural stay in Bangdong not only taught us more Chinese but also gave us new insight on how locals in rural China view the world around them.