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The Tiger's Nest in Bhutan. Photo by Chelsea Ferrel.

Leaving Paro

Leaving Paro
With my shoulders sore form the weight of my pack
A collection of memories fill in my head
Can’t think of any of them now
Leaving Paro
With my boarding pass stub
Cinematically stained
Will be taped to my window
When we make it back home
Leaving Paro
With a group of wanderers
Too many thoughts in my mind
To focus on one
A different kind of clarity
Leaving Part.
A journal full of words
Painted by the rain
The writing no longer seems like it’s mine
I’m leaving Paro
A point on the map
Where a pin now could lie
Now has a story, waiting to be told
When I arrive
What I have seen
Will never be done justice
By the words I recount
Leaving Pao
An adventure’s close
A story’s end
A denounmont could never seem so unresolved
Leaving Paro
With tears held back
By the brevity of time I’ve been give to think
But soon they will flood
When the levee is allowed to break
Leaving Part
A self contained side plot
In the book of my life
Now miles being me
Not yet finished
I’m leaving Paro
After only a month
How could a dozen people
Understand me better
Than those back at home
A quiet end
To a story full of noise
The silent contemplative death
Of a journey within
Leaving Paro
Leaving Paro