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Madagascar vs. Congo

After a weekend with our new homestay families in Ambatamanga we are all settled in and getting used to our daily routines of life in the highlands of Madagascar. For some of us the slow paced lifestyle is quite the change from the hustle and bustle of home, but there are a few of us who are just trying to keep up with the chaotic new lifestyle, whether that be learning to cook with our Mama or farming on the family farms with our Dada.

Whatever it may be, everyone seems to be  enjoying themselves including navigating the squat toilets in their backyards 🙂 I personally have learned to quickly adjust to my busy life on what everyone calls the “farm house” in this town. We have around sixty animals ranging from the sacred tortoise to the six milk cows!

It is quite the treat for our group because we have been able to experience watching Madagascar in the Africa Cup of Nations! You can ask just about anyone in town about the the team and immediately receive a smile. Last night each of our families crowded around the television to watch the intense game versus Congo that resulted in a penalty shootout where we won! You could walk outside and hear screams and shouts all around. The energy was almost as amazing as the stars.

We are all looking forward to seeing how far Madagascar can go.

With love from Ambatamanga,