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Mama, i’m coming home

Times have changed, and times are strange, but I must go and board my plane.

I’m sad to say that this trip has reached it’s final destination. Tommarrow i will board my plane and say goodbye to this beautiful country.

4 weeks of laughter, education, blisters, and friendship i will never forget.

I came on this trip with my intension of improving my spanish and educating myself about the Guatemalan culture, and i’m thrilled to say I definetly did. I won’t lie though, I was a little inteminated to try to speak spanish in the dragons group for some odd reason. Thankfully, I had two amazing homestays where there was no lack of spanish speaking. I had a chance to call my parents individually who both speak farelly well spanish, and when they both heard me speaking to my host mother, they could tell improvement…. and that was the moment I knew for sure that I was getting somewhere with my spanish. I think it’s safe to say that not many people learned much from their spanish classes, including myself.

I want to thank the incredible Dragons, A group for sharing and building memories with me these last four weeks. I am so thankful for the laughter, learning, and rugged travel we expeirenced together. I wouldnt want to walk for four days, dig holes, swim in beautiful blue lakes in Lankein, or have to pull over urgently in a gas station with any other group of people.

Thank you Guatemala for having me…. Mama, i’m coming home.