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Cambodia Summer Program.

My surroundings

Right now I am experiencing anxiety for really the first time on this trip. So instead of dwelling on the anxiety I am deciding to write and do an exercise to keep me in the present and to lower my anxiety.

Five things I can see: 1. The medium sized green dusty fan which is currently wiping away/drying the beads of sweat going down my face. 2. The beautiful green mosquito net with holes all around it but still I am grateful. 3. The pink hangers hanging up my damp clean clothes. 4. The big red and white bug bites on my feet. 5. This journal which has been my everything the last few weeks.

Okay four things I can hear: 1. The pitter patter of rain falling on the tin roof. 2. Laughter of my next door neighbors as they play with their toys. 3. The honking of a moto as it passes by the house. 4. The words of ma talking to my sister outside.

Three things I can touch: 1. The pen with the British flag on it reminding me of home. 2. My feet touching the bed comforter not that one is needed. 3. The pillow behind my back which has allowed me to have some sleep.

Okay two things I smell: 1. The smell of ma’s cooking which has become so comforting to me. 2. The fresh smell of rain. I don’t know how to describe it but it’s a distinct smell.

Lastly one thing I taste: 1. The delicious aftertaste of ma’s home cooked dinner.

I am no longer anxious but am grateful for the amazing surroundings on this island that I get to immerse myself in. I get to experience a place with a mosquito net, the pitter patter of rain, the comforter that is not needed, the smell of ma’s cooking as well as the aftertaste.

This is a little bit of life that we are living here on this beautiful island.