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Ned and Tuckers Homestay Adventures

Written on: July 4, 2019

Ned And Tucker’s homestay adventures…

Ned: Yesterday, we left the orientation center and went and traveled by train from Kunming to Lijiang. After arriving in Lijiang, we went to a small village called Nanyao and met our homestay families.

Ned: My homestay family took me to their house and showed me around. I was given a room to myself. We have a washing room with laundry machines, a sink, and a shower and a bathroom with a squat toilet. We have farm animals including geese, chickens, and pigs. My family offered me a lot of food for both dinner and breakfast so far and they serve it family style. They have done their best to welcome me into their home and I have done my best to be as appreciative as possible.

Tucker: My homestay family is only an elderly woman and her husband. She speaks pretty good Mandarin, but her husband only speaks the local Naxi dialect. I have a medium-sized room in a part of the house that is separate from where my homestay mother and father sleep. My homestay house has a large courtyard with three buildings around it, one of which I sleep in, one of which is for their livestock, and the last of which is where my homestay family’s bedroom is. From what I have counted, my homestay family has a dog, two cats (one of which is currently sitting on my chair behind me), many chickens, and a cow. My homestay house does not have a bathroom directly inside, so I must walk across the street and down an alley to get to one. I am right across the street from where I receive my daily Mandarin lessons with the rest of our group. So far I have been fed a lot of rice, potatoes, corn, and other cooked vegetables, which all taste excellent. I can tell my homestay mother is trying very hard to welcome me into her home and I am trying to show as much appreciation as possible.

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-Tucker & Ned