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Cambodia Summer Program.

New Friendships, Authentic Inspiration, Shared Dreams

Yesterday, we spent the morning with PEPY Empowering Youth, a local Cambodian NGO working to promote the education, personal and professional development, and empowerment of Cambodian Youth – and also an organization that Dragons has a strong historical relationship with. Kimsru, PEPY Programs Manager and previous Cambodia Dragons Instructor, and other members of the PEPY team painted a picture of current issues in education throughout Cambodia, including low awareness of the value of and access to higher education, leading to high dropout rates, and exploitation faced by many youth and adults who travel to neighboring Thailand for work. Our students and the Cambodian university students of PEPY had the opportunity to share names, stories, passions, laughter, language, dreams, and play games. After, we all went to the nearby market to spend lunch together, exchanging contact info and warm goodbyes before parting ways. The power of connecting through shared inspiration and motivations – this is some of the true magic in building cross-cultural relationships!