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Orientation By The Lake

Greetings from San Lucas Toliman on the shore of the beautiful Lake Atitlan.

After months of preparation and our own personal journeys, we were finally united as a group in Miami, ready to begin our Guatemalan adventure. One of our instructors, Raquel met us at the airport and we started the process of getting to know each other.

Then we boarded a plane for Guatemala where we met Monica and Randall to complete our Guatemalan Dragons family.
Antigua Guatemala was the capital before Guatemala City and our driver, Byron drove us from the airport to our hostel there with a stop for a traditional Guatemalan dinner on the way. After quite a long first day, it was soon lights out in order to be ready to launch into our first full day in Guatemala.

An early breakfast of beans, eggs, chilli rellenos and the obligatory maiz tortillas accompanied by coffee and atol preceded our drive to Lago Atitlan where we would be spending 3 full days of orientation to prepare us for our month long program.

Our orientation site is the Instituto Mesoamerica Permaculture (IMAP) centre and we started with a delicious lunch prepared by Andrea and Maria. We were then shown around the centre by Christian who told us about the fascinating concept of permaculture, a system of sustainable agriculture and living that was very new to most of us.

After another delicious dinner, we were introduced to the world of Mayan Cosmovision and given our Nawales which are defined by the day of our birth. Our shaman, Luis explained the intricacies of the Mayan calendar and the significance of our Nawales.

The next two days were spent building our group culture and learning about Guatemala and how to be safe and about global politics and a great deal about ourselves.

Our orientation program ended with an excursion to Quixaya and a closing ceremony before a boat trip across the lake to San Juan la Laguna for the next stage of our Guatemalan adventure.

Hasta luego, tus Dragoncitos