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Orientations and Map-making

Salama from Antsirabe!

It is our third morning together here, and as we prepare for a short excursion to Betafo—a short drive from Antsirabe—we took a moment to explore the geography of our program together. Our intrepid group worked collectively to draw out the shape of Madagascar with p-cord over sand, marking our intended destinations with stones borrowed from the neighboring radiated tortoise enclosure. As we get a grasp on the contours of this country, we are also taking time to celebrate our early successes: a scavenger hunt which had our group members navigating Antsirabe in small, unsupervised groups, arranging rides independently on puspus (manually-pushed rickshaws); using our nascent Malagasy language skills to navigate shops, markets, bakeries, and cafes; having our first conversations with locals in a blend of Malagasy and French.

We are orienting ourselves swimmingly to each other, our group, our environment, and the local communities that are welcoming us. We’ll be posting again soon upon returning from Betafo!

Mazotoa e!!