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The Tiger's Nest in Bhutan. Photo by Chelsea Ferrel.

Our Scavenger Hunt

It was our first opportunity of real freedom on this trip. We were told we were gonna go out without instructors in groups of three. We would get 2000 Nepali rupees (dollars) and would have to get ourselves lunch and some snacks. We would then have to complete a list of tasks around the Stupa which is a religious site near where we were staying. Our group set out on our adventure thinking that we just wanted to have a good time because it was our last chance to buy souvenirs in that area of Nepal and explore that area. We left Sechen Guest House where Margaux began to lead our group. After 10 minutes of Margaux walking in one direction against Nina and Jack’s wishes, we all realized we had just walked in a really big circle. Finally, Jack led us to the Stupa – we were far behind the other groups but we decided our first priority was to get lunch. We took our time and sat for about an hour. We then walked around the Stupa and completed almost all of our tasks in a surprisingly short amount of time. Then Nina had the idea to get some mangos as a reward for a successful scavenger hunt. We went back to the hotel an hour before we had to so that we could rest because we were all exhausted. The rest of the group then came and the points were tallied up. Three points for a correct answer, two for a mostly correct answer, one for a somewhat right answer, and zero for a wrong answer. All four teams were randomly tied at thirty-seven points. The instructors then revealed that for every 100 rupees you have left, you would get a point. All the teams counted their money and handed it to the instructors. They then went through the teams announcing each team’s total and we were the final team. The instructors then announced that we won and would be getting an prize! We also rewarded ourselves by eating our mangos.