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Paru Paru Reflection: what reminded you of home?

This is Caitlin and Jeanette checking in from Ollantaytambo after the 5 day homestay in Paru Paru. Unfortunately, both of us suffered from altitude sickness during our time there. This expierence definitely made us miss home, but our homestay families made us feel comfortable and safe with their food, kind words, and support.

Our homestay father made us pancakes and popcorn, as he knew that these foods would remind us of our homes. When we were feeling really sick, they took the time to make us a special meal of plain pasta. We really appreciated their immense understanding, kindness, and generosity in fillling our parents roles for these 5 days.

The families also taught us a lot about medicinal plants and how they can be used in tea to help with our symptoms. We drank muña tea to help us adjust to the altitude. The extent of their knowledge was inspiring, and we are thankful to come away with some new facts. Our parents both give us lots of tea when we are feeling sick, so their actions were very familiar.

The kindness shown to us by our homestay families was unforgettable, and we will be forever grateful to them,

Caitlin and Jeanette