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Cambodia Summer Program.

Peace-Building in Battambang

The past few days in the vibrant city of Battambang, Cambodia’s second largest city, have been filled with conversations on peace and reconciliation with local monks, Khmer language lessons and practice, exploring local communities and learning from their members local customs and trades, and conversations on global citizenship, responsible travel, and the importance of learning and self-awareness before acting to help others in the world.

As we have moved into the skill-building phase of our course, everyone is growing more familiar with their rotating leadership roles, supporting each other while also taking responsibility for oneself, and the rhythm of our close-knit community is growing stronger every day. Before heading to the busy capital of Phnom Penh tomorrow, we will experience the artistic identity of Battambang, meeting local artists and supporting youth by attending the local circus performance, a unique event that often blends Cambodian folklore with modern day issues. While we all have fallen in love with this charming city, the rest of Cambodia awaits – and with it, even more opportunities for going deeper into these important issues.