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Plantas Medicinales y Ceramicas

Hello freinds and family,

I am currently writing from an internet cafe in El Alto. We are certainly feeling the altitude and I´m having some nostalgia for brisk New England winters as its a bit chilly over here. We recently finished our Individual study Projects where I did a medicinal plant and ceramics ISP. My father is a horticulturist so I thought I´d give my own hand a go with plants. I studied with a woman named Tede in Cochabamba and we discussed the various medical powers of plants. She gave me a small bag of muña which is good for altitude induced headaches aswell as inflammation of the throat. She also talked about salvia which is good for if you´re feeling sad. I was a bit suprised that salvia is so readily available here as in the US, it seems to have a different use. Later in the week, I did a ceramics course where I handbuilt a plate. I typically throw on the wheel so it was nice to be able to try another form of pottery. When our time was finished in Tiquipaya, we had a goodbye party with our homestay families and I gave my homestay mother the plate I had made as she seemed to like it alot. We also were able to experience a Q´oa ceremony which is a practice  in Andean cosmovision. As you may be able to tell, we´ve been engaging in a lot of exciting activities here in Bolivia and I have been enjoying it immensely. I hope all is well in the states and I am excited to share more of my experiences upon my return.