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Reflecciones desde el Valle Sagrado

Saludos desde Ollantaytambo

We are on the last days of our course, we call transference at this couple of days were we are preparing ourselves to go home, we are reflecting on our journey together and off course we are enjoying our last moments as a group here in Peru. There are a lot of things to reflect and think before leaving this country which has receive us in such a warm way during this past four weeks.

The sensations in the air are a mix of feelings, we feel happiness while being sharing this special moment, surrender by this magic mountains in Ollantaytambo, for the other side we also feel kind of sad thinking that we will say goodbye to this people whom we share hugs, laughs, tears, knowledge, we also share and enjoy discovering little thinks that made us happy like new flavors, new landscapes, what a great time together!

There is something that we are all sure, we will always remember those four weeks in Peru, were we had the the privilege to experience unimaginable places with a bunch of great people.

Yesterday morning students were reflecting and sharing some of their successes that they accomplished during this time. Here we want to share with you some those reflections.

Unlike my uptight and stressed-out self that I never thought I could escape at home, I finally succeeded in truly letting go and not allowing the smaller challenges to phase me.


Through the past month I felt myself being more content and just living each day by day with out worrying about the next move.


There is a time in life to mess around and there is a time to pay attention. There is a time for silence and silence is important and good. I am learning that I do not always have to fill up empty space with comments, jokes, or singing. I can just be. And it is a treeing thought. Not just for the sake of others but for myself. Especially for myself.


Over the past month I have been able to connect with both the spirituality of this country and myself.


My biggest success has been grown my confidence. Before the trip. I struggled with insecure, and self esteem issues. After the past month, I have grown to be more confident and conformable with my mind and body.

On this trip I have learned to break the habit of making snap judgments about people. Instead of letting interactions reinforce my was able to strengthen and grow my relationships over the course of these four weeks.


My biggest success was coming out of my shell and making meaningful connections and lifelong friendships that I will treasure for a long time.


As corny as this is going to sound I think my biggest success on this trip journey, adventure-whatever you want call it- is that in spite of only being here a short while I feel that I have fallen in love with Peru and it will be en mi corazon por toda mi vida.


At the beginning of the course my Spanish was , and my vocabulary was limited: however, as the course progressed, and as I practiced more, I found myself speaking more confidently and carrying more conversations.


For myself, I think my biggest growth was being able to take a step back and become a better listener: In doing this I think I became a more empathetic person.


In this last weeks we have been sharing a lot of thinks that we will apply home


Our success with the community has been how well and how much we have connected with locals, the beliefs, and way of life in s respectful way and have tried hard to not be too much of a disturbance.


From Ollantaytambo we want to send our appreciation and love to all the people, to our family, our friends, the Dragons office, everyone who was involve to make this course possible, we really want to thanks each person.

Mucho amor desde Peru