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Reflection after Paru Paru

We just said our goodbyes to the lovely families who hosted us for the past five days. Learning about a completely different way of life and the ways that the people of Paru Paru interact with their environment was so amazing to me. One of the most fascinating aspects of the environment and a staple in their society was the potato crops. On our second day, we hiked to one of the many terrace crops and learned how to plant the potatoes as well as what each variety symbolized and was used for. Some 0f the uses for each variety included using for soups, weddings, cakes, and medicinal properties. I just listed as many as I could remember, but looking at the countless varieties on that beautifully woven blanket and seeing how much the potatoes meant to the people of Paru Paru was magical. It was one of the best experiences of my life thus far to experience a culture that relies so much on the earth and in return expresses so much gratitude. I hope to take some of these practices and lessons back to my home and forever be more mindful of all this wonderful planet has given me.