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The Tiger's Nest in Bhutan. Photo by Chelsea Ferrel.

Reflections on Bouddha

On our scavenger hunt today we faced a lot of challenges that demonstrated to us some of the values in the local culture. As we walked clockwise around the Bouddha Stupa, we asked locals for guidance on our hunt and insight into their culture, as was the aim for the day. While not all the people we spoke to spoke English or gave us conclusive answers to our questions, we gained knowledge even more valuable than the scavenger hunt prize (popcorn!!) when we asked for help. Here, the Nepali people dropped everything to give us their full attention. When they thought we were lost, they did everything they could to ensure that we found our way. When we asked to hear local myths, they eagerly shared their favorite legend. In Bouddha—an area not only brimming with vendors, tourists, and stray dogs, but pulsating with spiritual energy—we were met with compassion at every turn. Living in America makes you tolerant to and expectant of “one foot out the door” conversations and brisk attitudes. Here, people make time. Here, people care. Here, people want to help.