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S E N E G A L – a transference yak

Sights of big cities, small villages, bright colors, dark starry nights.

Everything we’ve heard – rain crashing on tin roofs, attaya foaming from cup to cup, low tones of the call to prayer you’ve come to rely on.

Never will we forget the smells of a bustling city, filled with smoke from cars and Cafe Touba- nor the scents of rural life, fresh mangoes and falling rain.

Eating new food and seeing new places- the tang of madd and the heat of tanganas and a sense of community.

Greeting others, right hand outstretched to meet theirs. Saying goodbye feeling excited and sad.

A full stomach, mind and heart, knowing that Senegal will never leave you empty.

Learning to love a new place, leaving a part of ourselves but holding onto new experiences.