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Salameeee! Greetings eee!

Just as we left the Airport in Ivato, Antananarivo, it was drizzling which could be a sign of God’s blessings. As we exit the capital heading to Antsirabe, we saw 2 rainbows which is called HAVANA in Malagasy translated as RELATIVES. It was the second sign that Madagascar’s ancestors welcomed extended relatives which include our group members.

Once we arrived in Antsirabe, the sun was glowing and students had a chance to explore the city and navigated in small groups during which they took PISIPOSY (rickshaws), went shopping, called back the instructors, practiced Malagasy language and posed for a picture in front of a stand stone with all the 18 ethnic groups.

We continued our journey, hiking through small villages, rice fields, valleys and hills to reach a museum build by a royal descendant from Merina ethnic group to keep the family heritage. We were allowed to camp, had technical sessions and language sessions in the compound of the museum. Angelina, who was adopted to get a better education abroad founded the museum upon her arrival in Afagascar. She explained the history of her ancestors including all the kings and queens in Madagascar. We could see for the first time SORABE, the first Malagasy written words which is in Arabic.

Students also had roles and actively worked as a group. At the end of the hike, we returned to Antsirabe and ended with our little ceremony to transit to the next leg of our journey.

We are all wishing you well and MANDRA-PIHSONA (we will be in touch with you from the next village).

Sidone and the iTeam.