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Scavenger Hunt

Xi’an is HOT.
We arrived midmorning today in crowded cars and walked into a cool, dimly lit hostel. Soft music played as we set down our bags in relief. After relaxing for a bit at the tables, our leaders charged us with a task: complete a scavenger hunt ranging throughout the entire city.
Felipe, Laura, and I started in the narrow streets of the old city. We ate sweet pastries, took pictures of the scavenger hunt items, and sweated in the blanketing humidity. As we ventured throughout the city, Felipe ate an octopus (!!) while Laura and I got ice cream. We also stopped by the Great Mosque, a location for which we had searched for hours. As we talked to Chinese medicine men and learned about their craft, bargained at the Great Mosque, and walked through the allies of Xi’an, we got to learn about the city’s ancient history.
Some of the streets that we walked through were narrow and dim, thick with the scents of local foods; others were wide and trafficky. Everything, however, was both vastly different and thoroughly fun.
Until next time,
Corvus, Felipe, and Laura