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Scavenger Hunt

Team 3 here, the Silky Nomads, posting a Yak on today’s scavenger hunt! First, we talked to a staff member in our hostel to get a map and some directions to some of the things on our list. With her help, we found a pharmacy and we took a picture of a popular product used to help blood flow in your back. Near there, we found dragonfruit, which none of us had tried. With some guidance from Noam and some extra money from Tindy, we ate lunch with spicy noodles, green beans, rice, and tofu. We also found a popular pastry to eat at a nearby stall and watched as another made a beef and pork stew. We also found boba, a craving among the group.

We were asked to do something that we had never done before, so we got our ears cleaned professionally. After this, we took a bus back to our hostel…or so we thought. We ended up outside of the city, without much clue about where we were. Thankfully, with some help from the locals, we found a subway to take back to our hostel and then treated ourselves to some ice cream. Hope we win!