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Settling into Urban Homestays

Wow, the time has been passing so quickly! We already find ourselves settling into our urban homestays in the ancient Newari city of Patan, which we reached Monday evening. This is an exciting time when students get to continue their Nepali language classes and use their language skills while exploring Patan’s many narrow lanes and alleys, develop deep and meaningful relationships with their homestay families during this longer stay, and dive into their Independent Study Projects – students have chosen topics including Vedic astrology, Nepali cooking, traditional stone-carving, and more. This time is structured in that we will be meeting as a group at our wonderful Program House every morning, but also allows students plenty of free time to explore, wander, get lost, and engage with Patan in their own ways!

As a sidenote, we are totally safe from the heavy rainfall that has affected other parts of Nepal in recent days. Our hearts are with the folks who have been hit harder, but we are high and dry here in Patan, enjoying a clear, sunny day today.

Sending our love and gratitude!

Team Nepal


Photo credit: Benjamin Felser, Dragons alum