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Sometimes you just need small windows to see the world

Often we close our eyes to meditate and we also stop listening to the people if they were trying to say something to us. In that case we always miss something which can be very important for us. We need windows in our life like houses have, when we need light or fresh air to make a good atmosphere in the house. Like that, we should have mindfulness windows which can pass the positive energy surrounding us which we can feel in our bodies, or which can benefit by letting us listen to others through those windows. The windows in our house bring light and air without opening the big doors. Our bodies are our homes and our windows are all the senses we have and they help us to feel what’s happening around us or in the world.

Time passes really quickly just like holding sand in our hand. You think you have control over it but before you realize, it’s already gone from your hand. When we were planning for this course, we felt like we have lots of time for our course, but we are already at mid-course today. What a moment to celebrate our success of half of the course and how we have done as a group and individually! It’s time to celebrate our challenges that we have had on this trip and also the joyful moments that we have had on this trip so far and be grateful and thankful to ourselves and our community, which plays a very big role in our experience and helps us have fun and learn at the same time. They always open windows for us to spread knowledge and we are very grateful for them. Today we are celebrating our mid-course in a place called Bandipur. We are all feeling blessed by mother nature to be here and celebrating together in this beautiful place.

We would also like to say thanks to our families and friends for being so supportive and sending your kids to be a part of this beautiful journey to learn about themselves.

We are very grateful to you all for being part of our mid-course celebration by following our Yak Board.

And we are ready for the next phase in the journey tomorrow.  We are leaving for Patan tomorrow for our urban homestay so please get ready for more adventures and thrilsl by following us on the Yak Board.