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Spanish Lessons

Todos Santos is a busy town. The indigenous people wear tradition clothing, all hand woven by the women in the town. The clothing can take months to make and is one of the main forms of income for the women in the city. When we arrived in Todos Santos on Tuesday, we had dinner and were assigned partners for our Spanish lessons. The Spanish groups were organized based on our level and Spanish and how many years we had taken the language. On Wednesday afternoon, we had our first official lessons. Teachers were assigned to groups of two. Our teachers wanted to know how we wanted to learn and what was most important for us in terms of what we didn’t’ know. Felipe and I focused mainly on more advanced vocab and conversational skills. We ended up talking about important issues in Guatemala, Brazil, and the United States. The conversation was important and very educational. We also had time to ask questions and learn local slang or just joke around (in Spanish of course). Some groups had homework from their teachers which included conjugating verbs or memorizing vocabulary. Today, we continued with conversational skills and trying to remember the words from yesterday. Our teacher was funny and well educated on current issues and understanding our broken Spanglish when we didn’t know a word. After the lessons, it was hard not to talk in Spanish. Our brains have begun to transition to another language. Tomorrow, we begin our journeys to Pachaj to begin our first homestays. We will have one-on-one Spanish lessons there and be able to speak Spanish with our homestay families. We are becoming more fluent every single day.

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