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Cambodia Summer Program.

Thank You

As we closed out our Cambodia Summer Program 2019 last night, we sat in silence reflecting over our time here in this beautiful place. We shared our wonders and what is going to stick with us when we continue on with our journey wherever that may take us.

Over this course we have grown immensely, from little things such as sharing food with each other all the way to sharing our ideas, fears, hopes, and beliefs. We have allowed ourselves to be vulnerable with each other and allowed each other to grow.

We have experienced a way of life completely different to ours, accepting the differences and reflecting upon them. We have found passions—some of which we did not know existed—that will continue to drive us.

We learned about ourselves and about the community. From home-stays to busy life in Siem Reap, we learned about the world as a whole.

We learned how to be persistent and resistant. We have learned how to be a team.

We have stormed, normed and performed, and now we are transferring home. Transferring to a place completely different from our home for the last month, which always be a part of us—a place we can call home.

So to this Cambodia Summer Program 2019, thank you, we are grateful.