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The Tiger's Nest in Bhutan. Photo by Chelsea Ferrel.

Thank You Bhutan


Thank you.  Thank you for being multidimensional and confusing.  You taught me to question the stories I’m told and the assumptions I make. Thank you for being different and unafraid.  You taught me to challenge the status quo and live according to my personal values, not those enforced by society.  Thank you for being strict and, at times, overbearing.  You taught me the value of enforcing law and order as well as the need for self expression and rejection of conformity. Thank you for being green.  You taught me to live in awe of nature and surrender to the mountains.

Bhutan, you provided me with the landscape for compassion, vulnerability, and friendship.  You gave me the tools to think critically and the desire to take action on global issues in any way that I can.  You gave me a loving family – team Bhutan 2019 <3.  You inspired me to embrace spirituality and forced me to accept that there is a whole universe beyond what I know that I will never be able to understand.

Thank you, Bhutan for reminding me to be present because nothing lasts forever.  Thank you, Bhutan, for the memories, laughs, tears, and countless adventures.

For making me feel alive.