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The Great Outdoors

Hola familias!

It’s only been 3 full days here in Peru, but it has felt much longer with all the amazing things we have learned and experienced. With these four days of “orientation” we have been getting to know each other, and learning about the Inca Empire and the Quechua community.

Living in the Ccatan hostel, Yami has been a wonderful, really she’s been spoiling us it’s great. Through conversations with her, we’ve learned about how the Inca Empire survived and ended, Quechua words and phrases, and Peruvian gastronomy.

We’ve also been taking time in this space to grow spiritually through ~30 min. sessions of Prana Kriyas (yoga) in the mornings, meditation, and have many check-ins with each other for our physical and emotional state.

Overall orientation has been a great time getting to know each other and locals, and a great learning experience

Los extrañamos y queremos (familia y amigos),

Alexa Wells ♡