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Photo by Ryan Kost, Andes & Amazon Semester.

The Little Things


So we have settled down in our homestays in Tiquipaya which is right outside of Cocha. We have gotten the chance to experience both cities and we have pretty much settled in really well. We all love our homestays and our families that have graciously accepted us into their lovely homes. We are completely surrounded by mountains and it is a really beautiful place to live. Today is also our mid-course day so we have officially competed 15 days and we have 15 more to go. Along with our topic of praise and grief, I´d like to focus on the little things that make my day and hopefully you can get a glimpse of what I have been doing!! So like anyplace you are not familiar with it takes time to adjust. We have had to adjust to many things, but surprisingly the adjustments have been fun when one would think that adjustments always include conflict. While it has been hard, there are a few things in my day that really just make me pause and realize how special that moment is. Firstly, Jazmine and I live right across from each other so we have to walk 20 minutes from our houses to classes everyday. On this walk we pass bright green fields that contrast the dark grey snow capped mountains in the background. Everyday Jaz and I look in awe at how pretty it is. Ok so my house is pretty dope as well. I have found a really cool spot on the third floor that I can see the whole back side of the valley of Tiqui and this other town that i´m forgetting the name of. It is so cool, at about 6:30ish the sunset hits the mountains at this perfect spot and you are just like “woah where am I.” Another thing is the shower. It is like halfway outside so you can feel the nice cool air as you take a hot shower. In order to get hot water you need to kind of finesse this lever thingy to a perfect spot to get just the right amount of hot water. I laugh everytime cause I look so dumb doing it. After that, there is a slight gap in the compound wall that you can see the mountains while showering, it’s also pretty dope to just chill there and watch the sunset and be splashed by the hot water. It really is about the little things… even if you are in the middle of SA. Hasta Luego,


P.S. Love and miss (MOM, DAD, SHELB, CAPS and AUD)