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The People of Paru Paru and their Land

Today the topic that was assigned for our Yak post was “How do the indegenous people interract with their land.” This is a question that has many answers. I have two of those answers. The first is that the people of Paru Paru acknowledge their land. Each one of the mountain tops surrounding them has a name and a personality.  Each of these mountain tops are prayed to when there is a challege, or anything of that nature near. If bad luck or tragedy follows an individual it is belived that this individual did not pray to the mountains. The second answer is the people interact with their land to make goods. In the United States all that must be done to obtain goods is go to a store, but in Paru Paru nearly everything is made by hand. The clothes, houses, and food all start by being harvested from the land. Every product made has to be intentional, there is very little room for mistakes. The People of Paru Paru interact with their land directly, by working for everything they need or want.