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Hola Yak readers,

Imagine waking up in your bed at 6am to a very large marching band right outside, now you are in my life so welcome to Nebaj a rather large town in Guatemala. Instead of going in depth on what I am doing in Nebaj, I would like to inform you all of how our 4 day hike through the Guatemalan Mountains went. We started off our hike in the city of Todo Santos in the early morning of July 12th, and with it being the first day of the hike it was a rather easy day. We hiked for around an hour and a half and were fully immersed within the Guatemalan country side passing by many animals until we arrived at a small area of cabins in a place called Siete Pinos. The following day we hiked for 6 hours to the most beautiful places I have ever been, La Laguna Magdalena. We once again stayed in cabins but this time we were between 2 mountain sides, surrounded by small rivers and waterfalls, and covered by the dense fog. Before going to sleep, we walked a short distance to the sacred lake and heard of the stories that granted La Laguna Magdalena it’s very name. The next day we embarked upon our longest hike consisting of around 8 hours to Acol, where we were allowed to adventure on our own for an hour left contemplating the question of what boarders are and who makes them. After this long journey, we had our final day of the hike with a short 3 hours to our final destination Nebaj. The first 2 hours of the 3 were very steep and hard but 0ur group got through it and began cheering as we came back down the opposite side of the hill we had climbed and the city of Nebaj came into view. That concludes our trekking adventures and thank you for reading.