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Tiquipaya Homestay Snapshot

On Sunday, I spent my whole day with my host family. I had time to wash all my laundry in buckets and my host brother, Alfredo, was home from his military enlistment to watch novelas at dinner, all is good in la casa de Doña Pilar.

My favorite part of the day was in the morning. I awoke at 7:30 and was putting colgate onto my toothbrush when my host mom, Doña Pilar, burst into my room, exclaiming that the trufi was waiting outside. I rapidly tied the laces of my hiking boots and ran out the door to jump into the car with her, my host dad, Don Felix, and my younger host sister, Nadit. We rode into the city for the Sunday morning market and grabbed our bundle of mandarins and cilantro out of the back of the trufi. Doña Pilar laid out her blanket and set out her three varieties of cilantro and her bucket of citrus. I watched as my sister organized the change from the cholitas shopping and sipped on a warm cup of api as the heap of cilantro in front of me diminished. My sister and mom had the brightest smiles on their faces when the whole lot had been sold before 9:45am. We wrapped up our blanket and left our spot in search of turnips and corn for lunch. I could hear the shouts of salesmen, the beats of Bolivian pop music, and the jingle of coins in Doña Pilar’s apron pockets.

Also hello to my family reading this! I miss you all but I am also so lucky to have gotten the best 8 kids and 3 instructors to be with me on this trip. I’ve had uncomfortable moments but I’ve been given the love and support needed to work through each of them. I am excited to see you and I have many more stories to share with you!