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To Those Back Home

To Those Back Home,

I know I promised to send you updates. This is my first after two weeks. Sorry about that. My time in China has been eventful so far. I’m not to sure what to tell you guys. I could tell you about our orientation period, spent playing ping pong at a hostel and running around with a local five year old (who had a plastic air soft gun that he shot us with). Those days seemed long. Really long. In a way I almost wished they never ended because they were so fun. 

Or I could tell you about the time in Kunming, which was always busy, doing our first week and a half of Chinese lessons (I’m in Chinese one by the way) and Guzheng lessons. 

I could also talk about my time here, in Bangdong where I’m writing this Yak, which is a rural village in the south of Yunnan. Don’t worry Mom, I’m bringing back some good info about tea for you. Everyone here makes pu’er. 

The food has been good everywhere (duh).

I could tell about all of that, but I guess I won’t have to tell you because I just wrote about it in this Yak.

Lovingly (but delivered very late),

Coltrane Liu