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Transference in Toubab Dialaw: July 26-28

And so, 4 weeks later, we are here.

Transference is a time to pause, reflect, take a deep breath before jumping off the diving board into the familiar waters of home. It is a jump that we often approach without forethought- we know these waters, we know how to swim. But yet, since we’ve been gone, we’ve learned and explored new waters and so we need to enter this transition with intention.

The i-team would like to offer deep sentiments of gratitude to our students. This summer, we’ve enjoyed learning and exploring alongside them. Some of our favorite memories include:

  • hiking up to Ethiowar in Bandafassi
  • dancing around the fire in Dene
  • looking out into the wild waters of the Atlantic as well as the shelter of the waterfall in Dindefelo
  • visiting homestays in Thies and witnessing cross-cultural and cross-lingual friendships forming
  • celebrating with homestay families, students and the wider community in Temento Samba
  • exploring the mangroves by kayak off the island of Sippo

Thank you for a wonderful course!

Your i-team: Samba, Alyx and Elke

and your x-phase students: John, Luna and Rhapsody (soon Ra’p)