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Hello friends and familly,

We have spent our last few days at Rabinal, Baja Verapaz. There we worked with the association Qachuu Aloom, in which the main focus is to recover ancestral ways of producing food and of course, for that matter, you must save the native and criollas seeds. Here we learned alongside Don Cristobal, one of the founders of the association, about agroecology, native seeds, and medicinal plants.

During our time in Rabinal we were also lucky enough to meet with Don Julian Tecu Osorio, a survivor from the Rio Negro massacre who ended up founding a Law Firm that started building the cases against the people guilty for this and other atrocities. NOTE: Wait for Tom’s Yak about Don Jesus and the Rio Negro Story.  After Rabinal we traveled to Rio Negro and stayed in the community tourism project they have there.

In the past two days, we have had time to reflect and take in all the history these people have shared with us. We finished our time by making promises to ourselves and the community, promising that we will honor their memory by taking their stories with us in our hearts and sharing it with everyone we can.

We are now on our way to another exciting part of the program: The Homestays in Xecucuabab, the Tz’utujil name for the town San Juan la Laguna.