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Trekking and Homestay: Going Offline

Dear loved ones,

Hello! I write to you from the gorgeous Kalaw hillside. We have just completed our mid-course reflections.

Tomorrow (July 16) we embark on our trek from Kalaw to Sinleh. Situated in the hills of Shan State, we will stay in this Danu community for three full days and four nights with gracious homestay families before trekking onward to Nyaung Shwe (Inle Lake) on July 20.

During this time, we will be “offline”. Phone service is extremely limited (though we have signal in case of emergencies). Our hope is that we can disconnect to embrace this unique opportunity. So please be prepared for a lapse in Yak posts for a little while. Don’t worry – we will catch you all up on our trek and homestay adventures when we reach Inle Lake!

Sending hellos and talk to you soons from this side of the world.

– Hannah on behalf of the group