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Uncontrollable Laughter

Annika’s and my homestay brought many laughs and awkward moments, but I definitely have a favorite. One night the whole family sat around the furnace as Annika and I tried to teach them games. I was making paper airplanes and throwing them off the balcony with my two younger brothers when I noticed Annika was playing with the younger girls. She had them sit on her lap and she would flip them upside down. Our youngest brother was eager to try. In order to sit on Annika’s lap he had to spread his legs apart. After two flips up and down I noticed that the little boy seemed to be in pain, then started saying “ouch”. But for some reason Annika didn’t notice, so she kept flipping him up and down, happily in her own world. The rest of the family and I immediately erupted into laughter. The uncle had to pull the boy away and the boy slowly waddled to the couch, groaning in pain. The next five minutes were just laughter and Annika repeatedly saying sorry. In the end the boy was fine and we got closer as a family. I can’t wait to share many more laughs with my homestay families to come.