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Update from Puerto Maldonado!

We just arrived to the Anaconda lodge last night after multiple hours in the Lima airport. Upon our arrival, our wonderful hosts prepared a delicious Thai style buffet. We slept in very comfortable cabins, a few of us taking advantage of the hammocks that were provided. Felling nice and rested, we woke up at 7.30 and met the rest of our group at the main lodge. Bef0re our pancake breakfast, our instructors entertained us with a bonding game called birdy on the perch. Lots of laughs were had while running around wildly trying to jump on the perchs back. After stuffing ourselves with pancakes and fresh pineapple, we did some reñaxing yoga and had our first orientation, learning about the basic safety rules and customs here. Talking about the proper ways to interact with our host families has already made me so excited for our first homestay in a few days. After sitting in the hot sun and playing with the local monkey named pancake, we were led on a tour of the diverse species of plants by our host. He taught us about what can be harvested, the defense that his plants create against the animals, and the optimal time to harvest them. After our tour, we took a taxi to Puerto  Maldonado and went on a scavenger hunt. So far this trip has been so eventful and exciting. I can’t wait to spend my remaining days in the amazon with the lovely fellow dragons and then venture on to the beautiful and striking Andes mountains!