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Villa Carmen & the Amazon!!!!

Hola!! 🙂 We are currently finishing up our time in the Amazon. For the past three nights, we stayed at a beautiful ecological research center called Villa Carmen. Tomorrow we are heading back to higher elevation before beginning our trek to Macchu Picchu, which will be a two day trek before three days of Transference before heading home! It is crazy to think that our time together is quickly coming to an end.

Our time at Villa Carmen was rejuvenating, active, and filled with great food and coffee! There were two epic soccer games that took place involving players from our group, some British university students we met, as well as individuals who work at Villa Carmen. It was a blast and we all got super into it. As a pretty competitive person, I definitely enjoyed engaging in some friendly trash talk during our games, which my team DOMINATED 😉 just kidding both sides put up a good fight

that’s all i got for now!!