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We are fully in Madagascar!!

Hi everyone!

I am Hope and I am going to recap what we have done so far!! It’s only been 3 days, but I already feel so close to everyone. We have discussed everything from family, to school and even our poop!

The flights were very long and tiring, but once we got into the van to go to Antsirabe we talked nonstop for the 5 hours and really got to know each other. We also saw an amazing double rainbow. On the first night we had dinner at our hotel which was rice, zebu meat, carrot salad, papaya and pineapple.

The next morning, we had breakfast at the hotel then went for an hour walk in smaller groups to get to know the town. When we returned we wrote in our journals about what we saw then we embarked on a long discussion of rules and regulations for our trip! We went out to a French restaurant for lunch and then we continued with the rules. Although it sounds boring, we actually had tons of fun, especially learning how to use an Eastern toilet. Before dinner we each had one-on-one talks with an instructor then split up and went to two different restaurants for dinner. After dinner, we continued getting to know each other in the lounge and we are really starting to bond.

So far everything has been really cool, even though it’s only orientation. It is definitely shocking to see the extreme poverty around us, especially with it being the wealthiest city in Madagascar. This afternoon we went out on a scavenger hunt and practiced some of the Malagasy we learned this morning. It was definitely challenging, but really interesting at the same time.

Hi family and friends! I miss you all and am having so much fun! 🙂