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We Are…

Dear friends and family back home,

As we transition from our mid-course process into the longest portion of our course, our urban homestays, we wanted to share with you from an activity that our group completed yesterday. Students were given prompts and filled in posters with their responses, as you can see in the attached photos. The following are their responses to our favorite one.

We are…
Global citizens

Out here

Wanting to find ourselves in foreign places

On the daal bhat grind

Bound by this experience at our minds and hearts

Really good friends

Wanting to “lose ourselves and find ourselves again, only to realize that we never really knew ourselves in the first place”

Blessed by the privilege handed to us

Wanting to become fully immersed in this unique culture and get as much out of this once in a lifetime experience as possible

Appreciating this experience

Thinking differently but are all one

Bonded forever by this journey we are sharing together!


Wanting to get Yak of the Week!

A crazy & quirky little family!

One big family

Enjoying our experiences with each other

We will never be the same

Wanting to get lost

Dragons. The fire inside us has been ignited by Nepalese culture

14 strangers from various walks of life joined together by a shared love of daal bhat and eating with our hands

Appreciating the traveler’s mindset

Loving Nepal!