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We’ve Transitioned from High Mountains to the Beautiful Amazon Rainforest!

In this beautiful world of contrasts, we have descended from these majestic high mountain passes of the Andes into the vibrant Amazon rainforest!  We have just settled down comfortably in a beautiful biological research station called Villa Carmen, outside the town of Pilcopata, Peru.  We’re listening to frogs, crickets, and birds, breathing easily in the warm jungle air, and planning our activities for the next few days.  Here we will have opportunities to learn from biologists about medicinal plants, the nearby river, and even do a nighttime jungle walk.  We will also be digging further into the theme of our course, environmental justice, as well as engaging in productive conversations around feedback for each other and how our course is progressing so far.  Following three nights here, we will spend one night in the small nearby Amazon town of Pilcopata before heading back to the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu.  Everyone is feeling rejuvenated by our lush surroundings!

Colleen 🙂