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With the hands on the ground.

There are scientific studies that explain that being in nature we can improve our health, and stress management, apart from reading it somewhere I also feel it in my body.

This time the feeling of wellnes was increased by seeing how the whole group was connecting with nature and enjoying it in a way that they had never done before. By getting dirty. Beyond getting our hands dirty with fertile soil, the purpose of these two activities was to plant a tree and work on the land.

We do not know who will receive the shadow of this tree, nor will we be close to breathe the oxygen it provides to the earth. Nor will we harvest the beans we sow. But we contribute to the communities by spreading seeds. Just as we did, many people have done it before for us. Thank you very much to everyone for your tiredness and respect for Mother Earth! It was a great teamwork. The trees were planted in “Tuqtuquilal” an impact center in Lanquin, and planting in San Juan Cotzal, Cooperativa Cotzal.