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Wrapping up orientation


We’re still alive! We are thriving actually. For the last couple days we have been staying in a beautiful house hosted by wonderful, hardworking women. They feed us way too much but we can’t help but try to finish because it is so delicious. We’re trying new foods, especially fruits. American food feels pretty boring right now to be honest.

Yesterday was the last day of the orientation portion of our course. The instructors have taken the time in our small sheltered corner of guatemala to teach us the basic concepts and skills to begin our great educational adventure, as well as testing and developing the group dynamic. We have been playing games between various lessons about the course, culture, and history in Guatemala.

We learned about Guatemalan exploitation and resistance through an interactive graphic narrative presentation. This morning we had a workshop on intersectionality where we discussed hidden social reasons behind individual acts of discrimination and oppression and the various aspects of our identity that contribute to our experience with power, social location, privilege, and oppression.

After our usual Spanish only lunch, we headed off the property to test our new knowledge for the first time. We walked and rode in an overly crowded bus to Coban, a busy and colorful city close to our temporary home in the cloud forest. There we scanned the city in a scavenger hunt, turning many heads, as we searched for everything from any man named Francisco to the best funny gift for our instructors.

We have now left the comfort of our sanctuary at Yuam Che and are off to the Guatamalan rainforest. Mayan ruins here we come!