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X-Phase Itinerary

Yesterday, we left our homestays in Temento Samba (Samba’s village) to travel to Toubacouta for xphase, where the students take over management of the trip for four days. On our way we stopped in The Gambia and got see a part of the Gambia river.

For our first day in xphase, we will be visiting our i-team instructor Alyx’s village, Keur Malick Fady, from her time working with Peace Corps. There, we will be touring the women’s garden and learning about agriculture there. Later in the day, we will be going on a boat tour that includes visiting some mangroves, a shell island, and some baobab trees. Overnight we will be staying at the Keur Youssou hotel in Toubacouta.

Day two of xphase we will be visiting Elke’s village, Sokone, where Elke studied for a year. There we will have a girls’ education talk with the director of Nos Enfants Lisent, Adji Senghor. After we will be visiting a disability center as well as doing a tie-dye workshops to learn about batik dying.

Day three we will be visiting an ecotourism lodge on the island of Sippo.

Finally, to end our program, we will have transference in Toubab Dialaw.