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Xi’ an Scavenger Hunt Adventure

What a day. Never did I expect to spend my 19th birthday in China. We arrived in Xi’ an this morning, and before I knew it, I was off with my scavenger hunt team, Bea and Wade, to explore the city. On my last Dragons course in Nepal, my team was not committed to winning, so I made it clear to my team this time that I was in it to win it; I was delighted to hear they were all in, too. We spent a good hour looking for a specific pastry that seemed nowhere to be found. I decided that the instructors made it up to throw us off, until, finally, we found it! Along the way, Wade got peed on by a cricket and I ate a disgusting thousand years old egg. We scarfed down delicious street food that was prepared for us right before our eyes. Ready for an adventure, we ventured onto the subway where Wade and Bea danced to subway music as I laughed nonstop at the ridiculousness of the whole day. Not to mention, I forced Bea and Wade to take a picture with some random locals for extra creativity points. Mom and Dad, be on the lookout for a postcard! The last task on the scavenger hunt is to post a yak for a whopping 30 points, so cross your fingers that my team won 🙂 An amazing day all around, and I can’t wait for more.