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A Rock’s Journey

The other day I was sitting by the river here in Kyrgyz Ata looking at a bed of rocks. I began thinking how each rock is unique. No two rocks have the same texture, shape, color, or size. Each rock has its own history and marks that tell the story of its identity and its journey.

These rocks remind me a lot of the people I have come across in my life. Every person I have come in contact with carries their own personal story. So often I find myself meeting people but never taking the time to truly see that individual in a light that is unique to them. Aside from asking the basic get-to-know-you questions, I will quickly pass over the rest of this person’s essence and identity. I’ve also noticed that it’s not just me who does this; many of the people I talk to experience the same process.

Since the moment by the riverside, I have been thinking a lot about the similarities and differences between the rocks that rest in the river and the wonderful people I have had the opportunity to spend my time with these last five weeks. I have thought about my friends and family at home. I have also considered the random people I bump into each day. The message that I keep coming back to is that if I was able to learn and notice so much about a pile of rocks in a river, how much could I learn and connect with people if I gave them the same amount of attention?

There is something to be said about the power of seeing someone. By devoting just a few moments of time and attention, you can learn so much about another person’s experience as well as show them that they are appreciated. To top that off, investing time in other people is simultaneously investing time in yourself. The great thing that comes from giving a person the space to be their authentic self is that it often brings out authenticity from you as well.

Something that I have been focusing on a lot on this trip is finding the balance between seeing someone and being seen by others. The moment I spent by the rocks reminded me a lot about the element of seeing others. As for being seen, that is a goal I have been continuously working towards with my Dragons family by my side.

I want to thank everyone I have crossed paths with in China and Kyrgyzstan so far as well as the environment around me. I not only have learned the amount of knowledge and love this world has to offer but have also started down the path of realizing the amount of value that I bring to the table as well. I am excited to translate this great lesson into my life at home!