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Answering Chris’ Q

Hey Chris!

Thanks for kicking off our student intros. To answer your question:

Q: In the packing list, you mention that we should be able to carry all of our items in a 40-50 L frame backpack. You also mention that we should take a day pack with us for various excursions we might undertake. So my question is: should this day pack also be able to fit inside the frame backpack we are required to bring? And if so, how large should the day pack be?


  • You will not need to fit your day pack into your main big travel/hiking pack.
  • A day pack around the 20 L mark (give or take) will suffice. You’ll need to fit your notebook/pen, water bottle, rain jacket/travel umbrella, camera (if you choose to bring one), snacks (which I’m sure you’ll have), head torch and any other essentials that you’ll need (wallet etc.).
  • FYI – You can increase your main pack size to ~60 L if you want to, but honestly, the lighter the better, and with day pack you’ll get an extra 20 L or so.
  • Pro tip: Stuff sacks are your friend! You can use them to organise your clothes/gear inside your main pack and they synch down really nicely.
  • Please note too that you will only check your main pack in on your plane travels and then carry on your day pack with you on the plane with all of your important documents and likely an extra layer.

Hope that helps. Your updated pack list Yak will be up shortly as well as other helpful info.

In the meantime, feel free to keep the Qs coming 🙂