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Photo by Tom Pablo, Andes & Amazon Semester.

Chandra- student intro

helloooooooo all–
I’m Chandra, born in north cal, but was raised/lived quite a few other places which id love to get into in person. Very excited about this trip, and to travel such beautiful places with y’all and to experience completely new things. hoping somebody will know some dope card games, im bringing my cards, and i know one very complicated yet super fun one, please do not be frightened if my slightly competitive side comes out very suddently lol. we can bond over bad puns, or doing art together or wrestling, harry potter, idk, just being natural fools together, don’t be afraid to be uninhibited around me… v excited to meet everyone! I chose this program because I originally wanted to drop out of school and move to a farm on South America. After surveying my options and kicking the first semester of college blues, I decided a study abroad program IN south america was a much better decision! I’m also determined to learn spanish before i turn 24. Some of my very close and dear friends are from central and south america and i’m excited to again be around people with such big hearts and warmth. just very grateful I finally made it to this point, after much hard work and lots of support helping me to get here. I love this culture we are about to be immersed into, and am looking forward to delve deeper into it and learn as much as I can. i believe in the power and strength of learning about indigenous ways, and i think to strengthen our respect and knowledge of these ways is crucial in keeping them alive, strong, resilient. However, they are resilient like the shining sun in nature.
This place we are going to is filled with so much sacredness, so much knowledge, so much love and i’m in disbelief that i get to do this! see ya’ll soon, in the flesh. much love

p.s. yes, my head is a buzzed beach fuzz! plz do not touch my hair, i know its tempting. 🙂