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China Word Scramble: Our Trip in 261 Words

Warm, oh- so inviting:

The Beijing Guesthouse.

Cats roam as we make delicious dumplings

The Great Wall ever in sight: climbing up so high

In the mountains.


The Sunset


The Stars


The Fireworks

Watching the time start to fly by

Tiananmen Square

Temple of Heaven

Heat dripping off everyone’s faces

Only having

Hot water

Not super quenching

The tiny village in the mountains

In the sky

Clouds envelope everything

Pianpo Zhai

Up high

In the mountains

Ping pong with the local children

Card games galore: hearts, president, cambio

2 week homestay


Drip drip

Drop drop

From the top of the caves from our hike

Watching the fat raindrops fall from the cave


Stomach aches


Mosquito bites

Singing ABBA


Vomit (don’t worry only about five people have thrown up..)

Bumpy car rides winding through the hills

Zhaotong and Chinese tests

The absolute luxury of the toilet!

The shower!

Kunming for one second then quick swap to

Overnight train to Dali

Dali Eco-House

Dan dan and Tuanzi



San Ta

Three Pagodas

Big Buddha, Big Buddha, Big Buddha

Buddhas everywhere

Temple after temple after temple

Never ending

Now it’s pouring

Hen hao chi

Everyone is licking popsicles


This feels like summer now

Sun beating down

Jumping down from the rocks into the river

Ice ice cold


Kunming homestay

Green lake park

Morning exercise

Hear the music

Feel the beat of the city

Snow Fox…Snow Fox

All the days

And now


The monkey’s birthday

Saying goodbye

Warm, salutations

Sweet goodbye

Till next time