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Photo by Sampor Burke, Mekong Semester.

Electronics Policy

Mekong Friends!

Electronics tend to be something students have the most questions about, so we wanted to share with you our policies surrounding which electronics you can bring with you and which we ask you to keep at home. We have taken into consideration our itinerary and also your needs while making these decisions, and want you to be able to have some tune-out time whilst also not being at risk of losing many expensive items. Please read below:

Cell Phones  As a reminder, cell phones are not allowed on course. Please keep your phones at home. If for whatever reason you need your phone for travel after or before the course, the instructor team will hold onto it for the duration of our semester. If you have questions about this, please ask.

Cameras – Please bring them! Small point and shoots are nice because of size and durability, but if you have a larger camera, you are also welcome to bring that. Keep in mind that if an item is lost, stolen, or broken, it can be rather difficult to replace or repair. If you do bring a camera, don’t forget your chargers! If you have a film camera, make sure to bring extra film.

Music Playing Devices (iPods/MP3 players, etc) – You are able to bring music playing devices such as iPods and MP3 players on course as long as they do NOT have wifi connection capabilities (so no iPod touches or old smartphones). Once we come together as a group we will go over this more thoroughly, but you can expect to keep your devices away during times when we are in public settings or engaging with our home-stay families. We encourage listening to music as a form of self-care, enjoyment, and cultural exchange, but if it becomes a habit that diminishes our experience on course, then the instructors will hold onto these devices. If you are someone who regularly listens to music and needs it in your day-to-day life please bring something; it will be hard to buy mP3 players once on course.

Electronic Readers – Kindles and Nooks are useful while on course because you can pre-load them with lots of readings and do not need to carry around heavy texts. Please no iPads. We highly recommend you bring one so you do not have to carry around heavy books.

Computers – We will have a group computer that you will be able to use to connect with home, research specific information for our course, and check your emails. You should not bring personal computers with you.

As always, if you have any questions or clarifications about this policy  please let us know!

Warm Regards from your I-Team,
-Anna, Gai and Karlee