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Photo by Anna Hiltner

¡Estoy muy emicionada!

!Hola amigos! Me llamo Lauren (be prepared for llama jokes). My friends call me Flo, so you can, too!

I’m from a suburb right outside of Washington, DC, so naturally “a mi me encanta” politics. I live in McLean, Virginia, right next to the CIA. I come from a family of five kids, so each one of us is inherently extremely independent and outgoing.

In high school, I played field hockey, lacrosse, and dabbled in cross country even though it was an absolute travesty. I was president of my class because I love school spirit and I can’t wait to be as enthusiastic at Princeton!

Some of my favorite classes in high school have been Spanish and Russian, as I have a passion for languages and crossing cultural barriers. To complement my love for experiencing different cultures, I’ve harvested an intense passion for traveling. Only 6 days ago, I arrived back home from a nearly month-long trip in Europe (with backpacking included)!

I can’t put into words how excited I am to meet everyone and my host family, and how grateful I am that God gave me this opportunity to give back to the world.  Get ready for the craziest year of our lives! Stay true to yourselves,